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Lloytron USB Smart Battery Charger B1527

Product Code: UNI-CH6


1 hour fast charge

Charges NiMH AA/AAA rechargeable batteries

Intelligent microprocessor with LCD display indicators for charging fully charged defective and wrong battery type

Requires any USB charging port over 1000mAh

Automatic short circuit reverse polarity and over charge protection

Charges 1 - 4 batteries (not inc)

Charging Rates:

NiMH AA - 1.2v DC 1800mA (x1 pcs) 900mA (x2 pcs) 450mA (x3 pcs) 450mA (x4 pcs)

NiMH AAA - 1.2v DC 900mA (x1 pcs) 450mA (x2 pcs) 225mA (x3 pcs) 225mA (x4 pcs)

Dimensions: L: 90 H: 30 W: 65 (mm)